Customer Experience


Mark H

I have bought many cars from Jon over more years than I care to remember and although he doesn’t personally build them his attention to detail is bordering on the obsessive.

He has also sold a number of cars for me the most recent being my SLS, after previous experiences with other dealers selling cars for me he is the only one I would fully trust with my cars.

Mark N

In life nothing is perfect but the service and care I have received from Jon is as close as it gets.

David T

Over the years I've actually bought three cars through Jon and wouldn't go anywhere else.

One of the most genuine people I know with a high standard that I know I can trust.

Andy V

Jon Kirkham has helped make my dreams come true.

A very big statement, but having always been a keen petrol head; Jon’s guidance and advice has helped me find some truly remarkable vehicles.

Jon and his staff, in my opinion, are very unique within the motor trade. Their honesty and customer focused service are such a refreshing change. Having only dealt with franchised dealers in the past, it is clear that Jon’s wide knowledge of varied vehicle marques is second to none and in most cases more leveled than the franchised network staff themselves. My advice to anyone reading this testimonial, would be to speak to the staff at JKSC. We’ve all dealt with good and bad sales staff, but judge for yourself, you will be blown away by the fantastic experience that only JKSC can offer!

Jamie D

I first bought an Evo V from Jon Kirkham in 1998, since then my Dad ( Big Ron ) and I have bought a number of cars from Jon’s company’s (Evo V, VII, Subaru & GTR).

Jon and his team are professional guys and 100% trustworthy, they are passionate about cars and over the years have always given us a great service.

We bought a brand new Nissan GTR R35 from Jon in 2008 and we have just sold it back to him at a much higher price than “We Buy Your Car “offered us. 
Highly recommended!

Lynda H

I have always found Jon to be exceptionally helpful and courteous but more importantly I have loved and enjoyed every one of the cars I have bought from him.

Terry M

I’ve purchased a Focus ST, Subaru WRX 2.5, Subaru RB320, Volkswagen Touareg Altitude 3.0, Range Rover Sport HST from Jon Kirkham over past years, and he has also sold cars for me and my Dad. He would be my first port of call for buying or selling a car and indeed for advice on future vehicle purchases I’m considering, highly recommended!

Jason B

I doubt that ANYONE loves cars more than I do but I also doubt that anybody hates the process of buying them more than I do!

And that's exactly why I have bought, sold and brokered so many cars through Jon over the last 15 years, I can't bare salesmen talking about things that they don't know about or telling blatant lies, I once asked Jon to find me a mint M3 CSL, within a week or two what did I have? I had what I asked for, a mint M3 CSL, on another occasion I was looking for a good "winter car", Jon then supplied me with a mint Impreza GB270 Wagon!

The above are just 2 examples of what have probably been well over 10 transactions between myself and Jon over the past 15 years, always as easy, always as honest as you would wish every car dealer was!

I want integrity, I want knowledge, I want enthusiasm, I want genuine opinion and I want those things at no extra charge for a car that is the RIGHT price in the first place, I always get those things from Jon, I can't say that I've ever had them from a main dealer even when spending over 6 figures for a car!