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  • £0
  • 20,500 Miles
  • Reg Date: 2011

Here we have an immaculate 2011 V8 Audi R8 Spyder finished in the best colour combination of  IbisWhite with Black Hide. It’s in truly exceptional order throughout as you can see from the photographs. It was Superguard treated on arrival too – you wont find a better example!

It has a Audi Main Dealer Service History visiting the workshop at 2,051, 8701 13,462 and 18,527 miles, a major service (£1,004) which included Spark Plugs and Brake Fluid change.

It features all the usual refinements including – Climate Control – Heated Seats – Sat Nav – Parking Sensors Front and Rear – Rear Parking Camera – Electric Seats – Magnetic Ride. It also features the Bang and Olufsen HiFi.

Most experienced journalists say that the V8 R8 is better balanced car than the V10 model (Its more economical to run and maintain too) and trust me it’s still plenty quick enough! This fabulous example has an aftermarket Larini switchable Exhaust too which provides an amazing soundtrack! It’s the manual Transmission too which is much superior to the clunky R-Tronic model. (I mistakenly once bought an R Tronic R8 and traded in within a few days of buying it!)

Car Magazine said –

The lesser-engined R8 is arguably the most conceptually perfect of Audi’s supercar family. Why? Because it’s the R8 that most closely resembles an extreme Audi without delusions of Ferrari. You can admire it as much for its honesty as for its ability. And, even without its roof, boy does it have ability…

No V10 and no roof? Compromised surely?

You might not be saying that at 186mph. In fact, you might not be saying ANYTHING at 186mph. But the R8 V8 feels perfectly engined, beautifully balanced and in no way structurally hampered by its rooflessness. It’s incredibly comfortable with the roof down, even at speed (though possibly not at 186mph) and driving it this way allows you to drink in the delightfully mellow throatiness of the 4.2-litre 24-valver behind you.

This isn’t a Ferrari-style howl or even the thunderous torque-rush of sister act Lamborghini – no, it’s more of a rising surge, an escalation of pitch rising to a racy crescendo up around the 7000rpm mark.

This model has a manual gearbox. Better or worse than the auto?

A matter of taste, obviously, but for me the manual wins through every time. You’ve got to hand it to Audi for delivering the six-speed shifter with an open gate, reminding us of the glorious past now busily being left behind by the supercar glitterati. The noisy clack of the aluminium stick slamming into the gate is delicious, and all the more so for the sympathetic stacking of the ratios which, unlike those long-geared, big-beat Lambos, allows you to play with the whole selection on a normal drive.

I recently had the pleasure of the open-gate manual in the Lamborghini Gallardo Balboni, but this R8 is even better because of that sympathetic usefulness. It defines the whole car. The R-tronic is naturally readily available and most R8s will pack it. Your call, but a nice dilemma to have.

Evo Magazine said 

What is it?

The V8-engined version of the Audi R8 Spyder. It could be described as a niche filler (from the company that finds niches in a seemingly solid wall of product) but we see it as potentially the best R8 you can buy. How so? Well, the original R8 Coupe with the 4.2-litre V8 is arguably the sweetest of R8s, but the V10 Spyder that arrived last year proved even better than the V10 Coupe, with dynamics as solid and sorted and even more character and appeal with the roof stowed. It costs £95,545.

Technical highlights?

It might be around 100bhp and 80lb ft down on the 5.2-litre V10 but, heck, the V8 still has 424bhp (up 10bhp compared to the launch Coupe) and 317lb ft of torque, and revs to an exhilarating 8500rpm. Here, it’s mated to the six-speed manual gearbox, which doesn’t sound like a technical highlight when the R-tronic automated manual is offered but trust us, it delivers one of the most tactile, slick and satisfying shifts in production.

One reason the R8 Spyder is such a close dynamic match for the Coupe is that it is an all-aluminium ASF (Audi Space Frame) design, like the A8 exec saloon. This means that the strength is in the superstructure, not the panels, and the Spyder has been designed to be exceptionally rigid without a roof.

What’s it like to drive? 

Simply outstanding. It’s a fantastically poised and dynamic mid-engined car that blends inspiring, absorbing dynamics with suppleness, and this despite it lacking the effective dual-setting magnetic dampers of the V10. The V8 Spyder weighs 60kg less than the V10 model, and when you tack keenly into a corner, it’s quite obvious that a chunk of that saving is behind you. So while its steering is not quite as crisp as the V10’s, its chassis has a better overall balance.

It’s plenty fast enough with the high-revving V8, too, and what a marvelously smooth, characterful and exciting engine it is. The only slight disappointment is that its sound doesn’t expand and envelop you as much when you drop the electric fabric roof (or the teeny rear screen) as the V10’s does.

How does it compare?

Loses very little in terms of integrity and thus dynamic alacrity compared with the Coupe and feels more naturally dynamic than the V10. And given that the V10 Spyder saw off the Ferrari California, Jaguar XKR and 911 Turbo in last year’s group test (click here), the V8 Spyder looks a bit of a bargain: at £96k it costs £20k less than the V10.

Anything else I should know?

Only the keenest enthusiast will be able to tell you went for the V8 instead of the range-topping V10 – until it fires up.

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